Sharon Osbourne, Jay Leno Fling Had Been Humiliating For One Associated With Talk Show Hosts

Sharon Osbourne, Jay Leno Fling Had Been Humiliating For One Associated With Talk Show Hosts

Sharon Osbourne recently exposed from him cheeks down to the end of his famous chin about her very brief fling with Jay Leno, and her admission about their lovemaking might make Jay blush.

Osbourne has chatted about her fast fling with Leno before, but she did not divulge exactly how quick their 1976 tryst had been until Howard Stern pressed her for the dirty information on his SiriusXM radio show. Based on the frequent Mail, just what Sharon Osbourne described was not a night that is incredible of.


“Well it just t k one minute, and so I’ll just state, it t k an additional, that was it.”

When Stern asked his former America’s Got Talent co-host if Jay was talented during intercourse, Sharon ended up being savagely honest about their less-than-satisfying sex.

Howard tried to get Osbourne to describe Jay’s small Leno, but she simply made a laugh in regards to a body part that is different.

“You can’t see past the chin anyhow.”

Sharon Osbourne unveiled it was in the ’70s,” and she joked that their child “would’ve just have been a chin in a chair” if Jay had knocked her up that she and Jay Leno didn’t use protection because. There would additionally be no revival associated with Osbournes coming to VH1 s n (you can decide for yourself whether this is a g d or bad thing).

Final on The Talk, Osbourne revealed her fling with Leno year. However, her description of these lovemaking was not quite as cruel. According to People mag, she simply shared with her co-hosts that she couldn’t recollect just what the intercourse was like because “it had been so long ago.” Nonetheless, Sharon did remember other facts about the thing that was going on along with her life throughout the time period that she and Jay met.

“When I became 25, I simply moved to America. We had met my husband [Ozzy], but we weren’t together. We were simply buddies. I didn’t have a boyfriend. We never did date great deal in those days, anyway, because I happened to be not so dateable.”

Osbourne proceeded to recount just how she and buddy first saw Leno doing at a comedy club. She thought he was “very g d” and “very funny,” so she and her pal decided to flirt with him by prank calling him over and over again. Jay didn’t mind — in reality, Sharon said which he liked her voice.

“a very important factor generated another… He came to the house and met me personally then we’d a small fling. The fling had been more fling for him. for me personally and not fling enough”

The 2 did not create a love connection, nevertheless they stayed such buddys that Leno introduced Osbourne to the “real love of their life” several months later.

“She was lovely plus they t k me personally to Fat Burger and they showed me around town . They were so kind in my experience and continued the friendship throughout the years.”

You should check out Sharon discussing her “secret” fling below.

Based on Yah ! Celebrity, Jay Leno told his part of this story whenever Joy Behar grilled him about it regarding The Show tonight.

“First of all, this occurred when we were both solitary. Just What occurred was, she had seen me during The Comedy shop, we had never met her, and she got my telephone number, and she called me personally every at midnight for an hour night. she don’t say who she ended up being. But she had this accent that is british and she really was intelligent.”

The two chatted regarding the phone for two or three weeks before Jay finally asked Sharon if she wanted to get together, while the remainder is history. Sparks flew — and fizzled quickly.

Based on E! Information, Jay Leno provided Sharon Osbourne a call last year after her revelation about their “flingy wingy” made headlines. On The Talk, Osbourne revealed that Leno was not upset along with her at all — he was just delighted they both went on to get lasting love.

” when the show ended up being completed he called me personally. He said, ‘Isn’t it amazing that. we were both single and we both discovered our love of our everyday lives so we both got the longest marriages in Hollyw d?'”

Now that Sharon Osbourne has poked fun at Jay Leno’s sexual stamina, you think his reaction will kind be so?

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