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Some of the key services offered by B2Broker, apart from the white-labeled platform includes the legal framework, access to various platforms, and access to liquidity. As the trading of cryptocurrency keeps growing, there is an increasing demand for cryptocurrency exchanges on a global scale. The white-label exchange NetCents is working with is a turnkey exchange platform for cryptocurrency.

white label cryptocurrency exchange

B2Broker has established itself as a turnkey solution provider for different financial platforms. Popular amongst all is the white-labeled forex brokerage and cryptocurrency brokerage offerings. These turnkey solutions can be implemented immediately and allow users to set their own commissions and customizations before throwing it open to users. The users of B2Broker can enjoy all the benefits of a larger brokerage including strong liquidity, multi-currency support, and support for multiple payment options. is a cryptocurrency-based brokerage platform that makes it easy for anyone to open their own cryptocurrency brokerage. B2Broker is a turnkey solution for a cryptocurrency broker entrepreneur. The company provides a full range of much-needed products and services for entrepreneurs to start their own brokerage from scratch.

PayBito’s white label infrastructure helps the Asian enterprise in accepting cryptocurrency payments, thereby experiencing a scalable and sophisticated gateway for facilitating fast and seamless crypto processing globally. Garnering immense popularity over a short period in the crypto market, PayBito helps enterprises in creating their brand new identity. Backed by enhanced security protocols like DB encryption for ensuring the security of traders and their assets, the software’s technology and scalable architecture allow seamless removal and addition of cryptocurrency. It further allows enterprises to get the software for conducting AML and KYC regarding compliances. The solution also comes with the company’s advanced architecture and security protocols.

Binance still wears the crown in the eyes of the majority of crypto traders. If this cult-like dedication can translate to their new exchange customers, Binance will be near unstoppable in the white label solutions industry. However, until then, companies such as AlphaPoint and ChainUP with proven track records of serving this sector may still have the upper hand. Binance’s exchange platform is a superior product in many ways; providing a user interface that traders globally swear by. AlphaPoint has a high fidelity performance architecture engineered to handle enterprise global scaling. Hackernoon article of the Top 50 Cryptocurrency Exchanges for 2020 listed and Bitvo in the Top 10.

Shoddy White Label Solution Providers

Providing a white label crypto exchange infrastructure, HashCash helps enterprises launch their own trading platforms for digital assets. This makes B2Broker’s cryptocurrency exchange turnkey an ideal solution for setting up a cryptocurrency exchange. In addition, the B2Broker team also adopts an integrated approach, tailored to individual and specific client request at a reasonable price. This way, the client doesn’t have to settle for a standard templated platform but have the exchange set up in the way they wish. The cost of customization is also reasonable, ensuring that it is easy on the entrepreneur’s pockets.

white label cryptocurrency exchange

It also includes a huge range of functionalities like risk management, onboarding, compliance, pricing, android and iOS application, customized branding, etc. Binance Cloud offers a matching engine, security controls and liquidity of the Binance exchange platform.

Their business address is in the same street as Coinbase and they have used this as a selling point, only the last check we noticed was that they are simply using a “rent a P.O. It is not just the exchange owners who can be devoid of morals but the white label providers themselves. The cheaper the solution, the lower the quality of that product will be and this is true here too. Slow KYC, non existent customer service, higher transaction fees, poor platform technology and weak finance department are just some of the issues facing users of these low cost, low quality labels.

The most popular piece of software today are typically white label exchange solutions. These solutions provide tools that allow anyone to build new crypto-based financial products. Launching a cryptocurrency exchange can be a complex and costly process. It can take at least 9 months for development and testing and an white label cryptocurrency exchange investment of around $500,000 – and that’s for the development team alone. In addition, most cryptocurrency exchanges do not meet the high standards of the brokerage service market and the quality of service required. Any entrepreneur wants to make their business as efficient as possible and optimize its expenses.

Netcents Strikes New Reseller Agreement For Cryptocurrency ..

Founded in 2014, positions itself as a ready-made solution for launching a cryptocurrency exchange business in a month. The popular white-label crypto-currency developer offers a wide range of broker and cryptocurrency solutions. Its trading platform supports trading in unlimited assets, including digital assets, fiat currencies, forex and equities.

HashCash’s white label crypto exchange infrastructure recently helped a European exchange to reach out to a wider user base, encompassing locals and beyond that. The white label crypto exchange software comes with multi-language and multicurrency settings incorporated within. Apart from that, HashCash has been offering white label real estate exchange to enterprises globally for quite some time now. The white label trading platform offers advanced scalability, crypto payment gateway and an enterprise-grade back-end platform backed by institutional-grade security for cryptocurrency assets and keys. It claims to offer the financial industry’s broadest array of software solutions for buy-side, sell-side and exchanges. Alphapoint is a quality software developer that has been operating since 2013 and is known for having a management team that has a strong background in traditional finance.

white label cryptocurrency exchange

Devexperts offers a multi-asset, multi-market white label trading platform and is experienced in undertaking large, complex software development projects. It has 17 years of experience in building capital market software solutions and offers a wide range of solutions and services. Binance is most notable for being an exchange that focuses on delivering a professional trading experience to its globally diverse platform users. Separate white label cryptocurrency exchange from Binance, however, AlphaPoint and ChainUP are both strictly B2B companies; serving crypto-exchanges and other blockchain technology clients. A ready-made solution for launching your own cryptocurrency exchange in one month. Based on our experiences, building an exchange from scratch requires at least 9 months for development and testing as well as an investment of no less than $500,000 for the development team alone.

The Future Of Product Development Is Here

DCEX is a white label crypto exchange which “launched” in the early part of 2018. Except it didn’t really launch as nobody can do much of cryptocurrency is anything on it. Deposits and withdrawals are via email, liquidity is virtually zero and the platform just doesn’t really work at all.

Prior to launching Elysium Technology Group, Ed was Managing Director and Global Head of Electronic FX Trading at Nomura and Royal Bank of Scotland. He specialises in automated database technologies, including distributed ledgers/blockchain and their application to foreign exchange, futures and cryptocurrency trading, risk management and workflow processing. B2Broker’s solution allows the clients to implement the use of their own utility tokens on the exchange platform.

As competition grows tougher, they have to figure out innovative methods to raise funds by providing specialized services to users to survive and remain relevant in the long run. Our 13 years of experience in the financial services industry along with our in-house currency experts mean that we regularly feature in the media discussing the likes of currency markets, exchange rates and travel money. Here are just a few of the places where you might have seen us recently. B2Broker puts its experience running its own B2BX exchange platform into use to provide a powerful trade engine as a part of its white-labeled solution to the clients. The robust, time-tested platform guarantees optimal performance and supports huge buy and sell orders, ensuring a flawless trading experience for the client’s user base. In addition, the user will enjoy best in class security features as well, protecting their transactions on the platform.

Presented as an all-in-one solution, the white label solution promises an easy-to-use dashboard to manage funds, trading pairs and coin listings. It also provides multilingual support and depth-sharing with Binance exchange. In the future, other services that will be rolled out include IEO platform, OTC services and staking. The white label crypto exchange software of HashCash Consultants comes with a high-frequency asset trading platform, is SegWit enabled, and offers a multi-signature wallet. Owing to the cutting-edge cryptocurrency exchange features, the newly added features can help the exchange expect an increase in user registration, surges in trading volume, and revenue generation in no time. But all that’s changing thanks to blockchain based money protocols such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which both by default are open-source monterey protocols. And thanks to new crypto software it is becoming easier to build with cryptocurrencies.

  • The platform is designed and managed by a team with rich experience in Banking security systems, Cryptocurrency trading, and Blockchain technology.
  • CRYPTALGO develops crypto brokerage, algo-trading, custody, investment and white-label solutions for financial institutions.
  • PayBito services include white label cryptocurrency exchange, white-label payment gateway, exchange affiliate, and coin listing.
  • Its Galaxy ‘backbone’ platform connects global cryptocurrency exchanges and consolidates liquidity to offer financial institutions “best price” and “best execution” solutions for high-volume trading.
  • It is available in the web version as well as in iOS and Android stores.
  • PayBito is a leading cryptocurrency asset trading platform operating globally.

This technique involves making use of the difference between the bid price and the asking price in an automated trade. Digital assets will be bought and sold on their own exchange at a lesser price than other exchanges. The exchange owners will make the trade on different exchanges and pocket the price difference. Sometimes, new trading pairs offering different native currencies can be offered out of existing instruments. Cryptocurrency exchange software can make money by imposing trading fees on traders for each successful transaction that brings a buyer and seller together. For example, Coinbase charges around 2.9% as trading fees while Binance levies only 0.1%. As exchanges witness an increase in trading volume, it is better to reduce trading fees in line with the principle of economies of scale.

Thus your platform will need to be built on technology architecture that accommodates continual change. Below are the 3 best free white label open-source crypto platforms that can be used to build new crypto financial products. The turnkey solution integrates a Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway which includes implementation of the full nodes for each blockchain. Clients will also gain access to a detailed report of all transactions happening over the platform.

Neither RevoluGROUP nor any of its subsidiaries permit the purchase, trading, or exchange of cryptocurrencies. Huobi, an internationally compliant DCE, processes all bidirectional cryptocurrency conversions. Only the consequential Fiat currency flows are processed the best crypto exchange by RevoluPAY for the DCE affiliates, either for final credit to the registered RevoluPAY app user or, in a reciprocal manner, for eventual Huobi affiliate users. The Company expects RevoluEX and the RevoluPAY white-label to launch on schedule before year-end.

To help you narrow down the choices, we have identified a list of the top 5 white label cryptocurrency exchange solutions and highlighted why they are worth considering and what they have to offer. Choosing a white label cryptocurrency platform to build your exchange will get you to market far more quickly than if you build the trading platform yourself. To succeed in the fast-changing world of cryptocurrency trading, you need a solution that will be able to adapt quickly to changing market circumstances.

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Whereas a white-label platform offers a ready-made, cost-effective solution that you can brand and customize to bring alive your vision of what a crypto-currency should be providing your target market. So how can you get in on the action quickly and set up a cryptocurrency exchange that will offer you all the functionality you believe will set you up for future success?

Make any industry cheap enough and accessible to mass entry and there will be an influx of scammers and con artists who smell the sweet scent of a quick buck at the expense of their honest, hard working customers. Many exchanges have exit scammed already so what is stopping a white label exchange Ethereum owner from exit scamming with all your funds or faking their own death and forgetting to give anyone access to all the holdings? Only the legal system and fear of prison but as we all know too well, there are enough sick individuals in this world who will still take their chances.

Just host your exchange on your computer and open the sign ups to your customers and just like that you have a global online crypto exchange service. Once you connect the exchange to your domain a full trading platform with crypto wallets and an easy-to-use email signup system will be ready for your users to use.

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It is not always reasonable to invest such funds in the trading software, because there are ways to optimize this item of expenditure and send funds to other areas. One of the methods is the buying of white label trading software, which allows minimizing infrastructure costs significantly and, at the same time, obtaining full-fledged functionality for efficient and productive work.