New SAT Essay: Introduction!

[Music] what’s up guys welcome to another special massage Aloha this is the video tutorial that you’ve all been waiting for how to go about the new SAT essay is it hard is it easy is it accessible what should I worry about how should I prepare for it all these kinds of questions we’re gonna be addressing them through this series of videos so in the first video I’m just going to give you an introduction to the new SAT essay what is it what you’re supposed to do how you should prepare and so on what the examiner is looking for what’s he gonna correct during the correction procedures and so on so we’re gonna have a very thorough introduction into the new SAT then in the second video I’m gonna show you how you read the text that comes in this section because there is a text and we’re going to talk more about that and then we’re gonna analyze some written responses that have been provided in the college board book and we’re gonna take a look at what makes a good essay also on in the fourth video we’re gonna you’re writing an essay of our own so this is the first video the series stick with us and let’s begin so you’re gonna get something like this okay and this is the SAT practice essay number one again it’s from the College Board website you could get these stuff for free so when it comes to the essay for the new SAT first thing that you need to know is that it’s optional which means if you research the college that you’re planning on going to and the college does not require that you take the SAT essay you can not take it if you again if the college that you’re planning on going to does not require the SAT essay you don’t need to take it however however I say that you should take it I mean it’s a nice challenge it’s not really hard if you practice enough you can get really good grades on it and it really pushes you to prepare really well for the SAT it’s just by practicing for it you’re honing in on your English writing skills you’re just getting better at what you do so I I really recommend that you do take the essay also you might be thinking of going to one college and then when you do take the essay and you get really good grades on it you might be eligible to go to a better college so why not do that why not do that it’s it’s not really hard and so I suggest and I recommend that you all should take the SAT practice the ICT si now most importantly okay most important importantly when it comes to the si si si you must write on topic this essay is different from the previous kind of essay where you are required to expand on a point subjectively or how you what you know about it or how you think about it that’s not how this essay goes we’re going to be talking in details as what is required so I’m just gonna read some of the stuff that you get on the booklet okay so the essay gives you an opportunity to show how effectively you can read and comprehend the passage and write an essay analyzing the passage in your essay should demonstrate that you have read the passage carefully present a clear and logical analysis and use language precisely your essay must be written on the lines provided in your book clear of course so nothing’s gonna be written on this piece of paper you have 50 minutes 50 minutes okay to read the text write your essay review it and it says proofread it do whatever you need to do to have a really good essay so so that’s a lot of time fifteen minutes is a lot of time so you should be able to go through this easily okay okay maybe not easily but it shouldn’t be hard or difficult to you okay so again bear in mind that an off topic essay will not even be evaluated you will get a zero on an off topic a say so and you don’t want that of course so this is what you’re gonna get okay on the SAT exam it’s something similar to this so you’re gonna get this box as read the passage below consider how Jimmy Carter uses Jimmy Carter is the previous US president how he uses evidence such as facts or examples to support claims reasoning is logic to develop ideas and connect the claims and evidence and finally how he uses stylistic or persuasive and such as where choice or appears to emotion to add power to the ideas expressed now let’s stop here just for a second on the new SAT you again are not required to give us your opinions you are not required to discuss what you think you are not being asked to tell us how you feel about this topic no in the new SAT essay you are being asked to show us how the author of a certain piece of writing develops his or her own ideas using those three points evidence reasoning and stylistic or persuasive elements we’re going to be talking in more details about this okay in the later videos so again you will get a text just like this okay it’s even longer just a bit longer okay here’s the second part and then in the box below this is this is the core of the issue here’s where you really have to focus because this is your prompt and if you miss out on the prompt you will your grades will suffer you will lose a lot of points if you don’t focus on what’s being asked of you in this box right here and this box says write an essay in which you explain okay pay very close attention to this write an essay in which you explain how Jimmy Carter builds an argument almost every prompt on the new SAT essay begins with words like these okay you have to explain how the author builds an argument to persuade or convince his audience that the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge should not be developed for industry so basically you are being asked to tell us how does Jimmy Carter make his argument how would as he try to convince us of his point of view what tools does he use to deliver his point to the audience does he use evidence does he use reasoning does he use persuasive or stylistic elements again we’re going to be talking about each one of those in details okay which one of those does he use it doesn’t use more okay so which tools which argumentative tools as he used to convince to persuade us to agree with his opinion so write an essay in which you explain how Jimmy Carter builds an argument persuade his audience that the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge should not be developed for industry in your essay analyze again focus on this analyze how Carter uses one or more of the features listed in the box above thus again evidence reasoning stylistic elements okay or features of your own choice to strengthen the logic and persuasiveness of his argument be sure that your analysis focuses on the most relevant features of the passage so here again when you write the new SAT essay you must be neutral okay you must be neutral you must not take so you mustn’t tell us that you agree with court we don’t care if you agree with quarter okay what we care about is how does Carter build an argument how does he argue for his own point okay you should focus in the essay on where the author succeeds okay but at the same time you could also focus on where the author fails but we’re gonna talk more about that later on okay because that’s a whole different issue you must avoid broad statements okay don’t make broad statements don’t say I agree with him because his arguments make sense how does it make which argument specifically makes sense which argument which piece of evidence shows us that he’s correct what does he specifically use and in which point so you should avoid broad statements okay you have to make specific arguments and you must argue effectively and of course you have to conclude at the end your essay should not explain whether you agree with Carter’s claims but rather explain how Carter builds an argument to persuade his audience this is what we call a rhetorical analysis a rhetorical analysis is basically when you Anna he’s D persuasiveness of a speaker or a writer okay you analyze how good of a job did he do in convincing us of his point of view now again on the SAT if the author did do a good job at persuading us you should tell us how he did that now let’s say okay that they give you a text in which the author does not do a good job of persuading us then you write us an essay explaining how he failed to convince us for example if you’re writing something scientific I expect to see a lot of facts I expect to see a lot of numbers I expect to see a lot of expert opinion or expert quotations I expect to see all of these kind of stuff if you’re writing something scientific but you’re not using those elements you are forming a failed or a weak argument okay so if you feel that the author’s argument is weak that he did not do a good job at persuading you you should point that out but again we’ll talk more about this later now evidence okay so again you have three components that you should try to address okay when you are doing your rhetorical analysis evidence or Ethel’s reasoning or logos and Silas stick elements or persuasive elements or pathos so those are the three general categories of what writer is used to convince people of their point of view so I’ve got the evidence now what are some what are some forms of evidence how do you evidence state form in a piece of writing they could come as facts statistics they can be quotations from experts in the field results of experiments or research or for example or examples okay on a certain topic and then you’ve got the reasoning or the logos okay so you’ve got the logic how does he draw his conclusions how does he go from one point to the next his sequence the sequential order of his reasoning does it make sense again then you’ve got the mode of analysis i-it’s almost like the same thing now you could go into more details and impress the examiner by for example distinguishing between his use of deductive and inductive reasoning and we’ll talk in more details about this okay finally got the stylistic or the persuasive elements which is the pathos okay which is it can be summarized as appeal to emotions does he appeal to the audience’s or the readers emotions to try to get them to agree with him now let’s say for example he is arguing against ah let’s say abortion okay he might appeals your emotions that you’re killing a fetus now whether the embryo or the fetus is a living thing that’s a different issue but he might do that he might appeal to your emotions okay so that’s one style or one tool of stylistics okay he will appeal to the emotions of the audience their fears or to their sense of honor he might use satire or humor him he might be he might try to ridicule a certain idea to show how weak it is okay he might use descriptive language to try and describe something in a good way or a bad way to get you to agree with him he might use a mood setting sort of a writing or descriptive language he might set a mood or an atmosphere to the whole piece of writing again to try to manipulate your emotions this is this all was done to her choice of course what words is he using is he using a bunch of positive words negative words what’s he trying to do hyperbole or exaggeration those are some examples of the use of stylistic elements you should be on the lookout for things like these now some remarks on the SAT essay you do not need to include all three components okay so we don’t you don’t need to talk about all three of those points okay you don’t need to do that that’s too much okay if you take two well address points or components that’s much better so let’s say for example you wanna focus on evidence okay well so as he uses evidence so that’s how the author uses evidence give us some facts that he mentioned and in which case give us some statistics that he used and in which context and that’s fine for the evidence then go for example and use reasoning show us how he uses logic to address this point and that’s enough okay you don’t need to address all of these points okay just use the ones use the components which the author clearly relies on okay so let if the author uses for example fact evidence in only one instance in the whole article or essay and you rely on that to deliver your point that’s gonna be a weak point okay but for example if he appeals to the audience’s emotions again and again and again well that shows us that he is relying heavily on this component and you should be able to see that and point that out you should pick the components which the author truly relies heavily on and address them in your essay so choose your components wisely choose the components that the author most heavily relies on now how does the marking though okay now the marking for your essay is divided into three how well you read the essay you’re reading how well she analyzed it your analysis and how well you wrote your essay that’s the writing and each every essay is corrected by two examiner’s or two there are two people marking your essay and each one of those will give you a four on each one of those are components okay and then the grades will be combined and you’ll get a grade out of eight for each one of those the grades are not the reading and the analysis and the writing grades are not combined with each other so you’ll get a grade over eight for the reading a grade over eight for the analysis and agreed over eight for the writing okay now how do you get four on the reading which is the high smart how do you get a four on it well you must demonstrate that youth completely and thoroughly comprehended the source text you must genesee that you’ve understood the central idea the text you must demonstrate that you’ve understood the most important details of the text and you must tell us how the interior later how they are connected to each other you must not show any errors in fact or interpretation so if you take a piece of information from the text by you interpret it in a way that the author has not intended use points if for example and this could happen with a typo let’s say you’re copying a certain number and you change it unconsciously or inadvertently so if you have something like that again I lose points as well so you must not change facts you must not interpret things wildly or you mustn’t be off the point you must use the textual textual evidence skillfully so here you’re gonna be needing to paraphrase you need to quote okay so you need to be able to do those two things effectively together before on the reading now to get a 4d analysis you must demonstrate insightful analysis of source text basically you must be able to read the text understand and then analyze okay what does he mean by this what’s he trying to tell us through this you must be able to do that effectively you must show or demonstrate sophisticated understanding of the tack task by the way these points that I’ve written here I didn’t get them from my head the retina in the College Board a bug which you could buy and you’ll find the same point in their book so I’m trying to be a textual formalist if I may say your response okay your response the essay you write must thoroughly evaluate evaluate the authors use of evidence reasoning a stylistics as we said again you don’t need to demonstrate all three you can use two components you can analyze them and get evidence for them and that would be enough okay now your response must contain relevant and strategically chosen points as we said you need to choose your components strategically if the author relies heavily on Asians you must point that out you must show us that he did rely a lot on kit Asians to deliver his point if he uses a lot of reasoning and logic you should point that out do not ignore the components that the author must heavily rely on your response focus focus is consistently on features relevant to task of course do not digress when you write the essay do not include any unnecessary information we don’t need that we don’t need to hear about that ok focus on the task ahead of you and don’t add any extra information that you do not need it will cost you points so I’m soon to say ok I’ll just add a few more lines maybe they’ll give me a few more points know if the lines you’re adding or unnecessary it’s gonna weaken your paragraphs and thereby weaken your essay to get four on the right thing ok your response must be cohesive ok of course the ideas have to be attached to each other you must show strong command of language that is no.6 in grammar no mistakes and punctuation no mistakes and mechanics capitalization all these sorts of stuff no mistakes ok of course are the more mistakes there are the less points you get your response must include a precise central claim you must have a central claim so for example the author you must include this at the beginning of your essay in your introduction the author relies heavily on the use of evidence and for example a stylistic elements to deliver his points such sentence must be there and then you dissect this claim into more details in the body paragraphs your response must include an introduction as we said a conclusion and then the ideas must progress logically from the introduction to the conclusion the whole essay has to be built in a strategic way it has to progress in a strategic way you must know what you’re doing basically so response has a variety and sentence structure the last thing that you want to do is write an essay which is repetitive redundant and just say more of the same again and again and again no you must show that you’re able that you do have command of language and that you’re able to write any kind of sentence that you want you have to you have to show or demonstrate consistent use a precise word choice you must have a formal style or an objective tone so if you’re being if you’re writing in a serious tone which you should you must maintain that serious tone you don’t want to all of a sudden begin using contractions in the second half of the essay when you haven’t done that at the beginning this is a formal essay so you have to be formal you have to be serious you have to rhetorically analyze what’s being said by the author so you should be able to do that so this was our introduction to the new SAT essay stay tuned for the next video when I’m ganna show you when we’re gonna read together as source stacks we’re gonna see what points we should be focusing on okay to get our information how do we know which components the author is focusing on so we’re gonna be doing that in the next video and then the video after that we’re gonna take a look at some sample responses provided by the College Board and then on the fourth video we’re going to be writing an essay of our own thank you a lot for watching please like the video if you think it deserves a like subscribe to our Channel and please share it with your friends and family stay tuned for the next video see you soon bye [Music] you

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