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I mean not the test results but the regular use of browsing the Internet safely. You’ll find out more on the provider’s drawbacks in the CyberGhost VPN cons chapter. The second one contains the countries that can be connected to with torrent clients and apps that provide free content based on P2P. Unlike most of its rivals, CyberGhost VPN allows you to choose any single server you like and not just a general location where they are situated. When I was writing this review, Hulu was available on the US Netflix server. However, I’ve experienced Hulu blocking my viewing more than once during my tests. The recorded speed is enough for watching full HD and usually 4k video.

  • This saves you from accidentally exposing your IP address if the VPN server you’re signed onto stops working.
  • My preferred method is the OpenVPN protocol, which is open-source software, meaning that its code has been scrutinized for vulnerabilities.
  • The iOS app may be a little underpowered, then, but the Android edition has more features than most, and we’re happy to see beta WireGuard support.
  • Use our ranking of free trial VPN services to find a good VPN with a trial version available without a credit card for 1 to 7 days.

There are many mentions of IP addresses in the privacy policy, and it initially sounds as though these are logged. Once you sort through the jargon, it is revealed that IP addresses are only processed temporarily and not logged. WorldVPN doesn’t monitor internet activity but it keeps some connection logs. These include Does CyberGhost VPN Log Your Data the duration of the VPN connection and the amount of bandwidth used during the connection. Note that they do not include timestamps or real user IP addresses, so this can still be considered a fairly solid no-logs policy. It doesn’t keep any connection logs that can be tied to an individual user, such as IP addresses.

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App protection allows me to specify what apps should only be allowed to connect to the internet when the VPN is connected. If I torrent, for example, I can add my torrent client to this list so that it is never used without the VPN. Whenever I launch my torrent manager, CyberGhost will automatically connect.

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As such, CyberGhost VPN is a top VPN for beginners, just as it is for those used to employing a virtual private network when torrenting or streaming media. And remember, make sure you bag the83 percent discount with a three-year plan. But if you want complete online anonymity from a VPN, CyberGhost VPN’s inability to deliver safety from the DNS leakage bug could be a deal-breaker.

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Their busiest servers in the EU are in the United Kingdom. In Asia they have servers in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Its top-of-the-line software protects up to seven of your devices at the same time. The platform also has a malware blocking functionality so you can safely access websites. CyberGhost does this by cross-checking your access request with a centralized database while ensuring your anonymity.

They have apps for all major platforms and it can be configured on many others. So, no matter which device you want to secure, you can install CyberGhost VPN on it and stay protected. Up until recently, CyberGhost VPN was able to bypass the Great Firewall of China. However, it can no longer help you access the free internet in Beijing. But to be fair, not many VPNs are able to bypass the strict VPN sensors placed by China.

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CyberGhost’s website is accessible and easy to navigate, with enough content that you never feel bombarded with “buy now” buttons and superfluous marketing copy. This is particularly true in the FAQ and the Privacy Hub, which are virtual treasure troves of information pertaining to the VPN and digital privacy, respectively. CyberGhost was founded in 2011 by Robert Knapp, an entrepreneur from Romania. Knapp’s passion for technology and his belief in privacy as a fundamental human right made him a natural fit for the VPN industry. Enter CyberGhost, a VPN provider that pledges to turn you into, well, a cyber ghost. Nowhere is this desire more prevalent than online, where every move you make is tracked and monitored by advertisers, administrators, ISPs, governments and hackers. This VPN is not perfect, especially when it comes to speed, but it has a lot going for it.

CyberGhost VPN is a popular company based in Romania, outside the spying Five Eye circle. It offers all the high-security standards, including OpenVPN and AES 256-bit encryption. Apart from OpenVPN, they also allow PPTP and L2TP protocols. However, PPTP is not really recommended because it’s the weakest and can be broken easily. As for the cons of CyberGhost VPN, they are insignificant and don’t affect the main functions of the VPN’s performance. The most important of them is likely the internet freezes after exiting the sleep mode on Windows.

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Since OpenVPN is stronger, several users prefer connecting through it. I was looking for a VPN to unblock US Netflix and CG is perfect for that. I’ve read a lot about CyberGhost on forums and I noticed some users were arguing whether it is trustworthy or not due to its bad reputation. Actually I don`t care))) I downloaded their Chrome extension and use it for free. I know that the extension is rather proxy than a serious VPN but as I said, Netflix is the only thing I need from this.

The email address you use to sign up, payment information, and cookie preferences are logged. Keep in mind that you can pay anonymously with Bitcoin and use a burner email address to protect your privacy. VPN security is extremely important, but if your internet speed suffers greatly, you might ask if it’s really worth it. Testing a VPN’s performance comes down to connecting to multiple VPN servers, blockchain running speed tests, and comparing the results to a non-VPN connection. The NoSpy servers probably won’t be of interest to most users, but as with many security features, you’ll be glad they’re available if and when you do need them. We always like to see a VPN offer extra security options for the most vulnerable users, whose need for digital privacy is sometimes a matter of life or death.

In its privacy policy, FinchVPN explains that it does not record any internet usage data or track user activity. It does keep some connection logs including timestamps and bandwidth usage. These are connected to user accounts rather than real user IPs. Since it accepts coin payments, a user ID doesn’t necessarily constitute PII. ExpressVPN doesn’t keep any traffic logs or monitor user activity.

CyberGhost provides free VPN service to those who meet these criteria, ensuring that they can continue the fight for digital privacy and freedom of speech. The company states that it prevents torrenting on some of its servers to conserve bandwidth and ensure that performance isn’t hindered by high torrent traffic. It does this by blocking several ports that are typically used by torrent clients; Does CyberGhost VPN Log Your Data this doesn’t prevent all torrenting, but it does limit it significantly. Each year, CyberGhost releases a transparency report detailing all of the legal requests it received, including DMCA complaints, malicious activity reports and police requests. Because there are no logs and no ways to associate users with their activity, CyberGhost can’t provide any data in response to these requests.

CyberGhost is specifically tailored for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Amazon Firestick, Android TV, Chrome, and Firefox. With a simple, multi-platform security solution, you have everything you need to seamlessly, while securely, communicate and transact anywhere in the world. The VPN provides a watertight no-logs privacy policy, and it implements robust OpenVPN encryption across all platforms. To ensure you never leak data to your ISP, this VPN has a kill-switch and DNS leak protection. And, thanks to its obfuscated servers, this VPN is well-suited for torrenting. Plus, Surfshark unblocks some of the most popular streaming services around the world, such as Netflix US and BBC iPlayer.

However, there’s one action that the CyberGhost VPN team could take to prove how serious they are about the claimed crypto news zero-logs policy. So far, the provider hasn’t had one, and I hope there’s one coming in the near future.

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Love it & eat your words or don’t & cancel & get a refund & come back with another eloquently written rant. With this provider, you get a handy Tor over VPN feature which is essential in providing you with an extra layer of privacy. The FAQ answers some of the initial inquiries about the VPNs and CyberGhost in general, privacy, servers, P2P, and such.

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It also marks which server locations are virtual or physical. There’s a list of servers with their distance and server load, as well as a ‘favorites’ section. Plus, you can easily filter servers to find those optimized for streaming or torrenting. There are differences in features and user experience across apps, though. For example, advanced users may be disappointed by the limited custom settings on the MacOS app. Click on the arrows in the bottom left to open up the extended app interface.

If you can see past its chequered history you won’t find better speed, security, and streaming options for a lower price. In fact, most pricier VPN providers can’t compete with CyberGhost, either. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to unblock region-locked content from abroad or torrent anonymously. Whether you’re new to VPNs or have been forex using them for years, CyberGhost is a reliable and well-rounded service. While CyberGhost was originally developed in Germany, the company later moved to Romania, a country in which there are no mandatory data retention laws. This is good news for users seeking privacy, as personal data can only be retained if unequivocal consent is given.

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